About Park Cluster

Park Cluster simplifies parking for drivers and owners. Drivers find and book verified parking online, while owners advertise their spaces and manage bookings with ease. Our secure platform and online payments ensure a seamless and stress-free parking experience for all.

Our simple online platform provides two main types of accounts. They are Driver, Park Owner. The Park Owner account can be divided into two categories. They are Advertisement Only account and Full Featured Park Owner account.

Besides that we are planning to provide more new features for our users gradually.

Meet Our Core Team

Founder, Developer
Manager, Designer
Social Media Handler

Core values of
Park Cluster

Prioritize solutions that make finding and booking parking, and managing listings, effortless and user-friendly for both drivers and owners.


Implement robust security measures to protect user data and financial information, and promote transparency in transactions and user verification.

Security and Trust

Foster a supportive and inclusive community for both drivers and parking owners, encouraging positive interactions and mutual respect.

Community Focus

Continuously improve the platform through new technologies and features, while striving for sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact.

Innovation and Sustainability